Welcome to the residence

Puerta de accesoThe male university dorm "Santa Maria del Hogar" offers the student a friendly and familiar environment.

For this we support the human growth through a progressive formation in values, and by way of a sincere coexistence.

Developmental Plan

Residencia Santa María del HogarThe dormitory Santa Maria is a center aimed towards students that arrive in Madrid from their respective hometowns. It is located ten minutes away from the Moncloa Metro and next to the Parque del Oeste. It features a wide variety of services and is very well located in terms of northeastern Madrid Universities

Its goal is to enhance the studying habits of each of the residents and to continue the educational process received by their parents in their homes. It is inspired by the human and spiritual values of Christianity like: freedom, responsibility, strengthening of the will and leadership skills.

Residencia Santa María del HogarAll is developed within a familiar environment and with personal care. The healthy joy along with a spirit of self-challenge will promote a balanced maturity process of the youth. In the stage in which one is most consciously open to life we wish to aid in this discovery. And, of course, also of the city.

For more than 30 years we have found that this Project helps the positive evolvement of their career and of their professional future.